BIMA 220 - Life Insurance Plus Hospicash

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BIMA 220 is a special 3-in-1 product that has Personal Accidents cover, Life Benefits and  Hospital Cash covering confinement within a hospital as an inpatient under the care of a physician due to accident and non-accidental causes.



  1. Personal Accident Coverage up to Php 210,000
  2. Life Coverage up to Php 60,000
  3. Hospital Cash amounting Php 500/day
  4. Hospital Cash up to 10 days per month


More Details on Coverage

Cited below are the common cases covered by BIMA Hospital Cash.

  1. Accident and Injuries
  2. Food Poisoning 
  3. Animal Bites
  4. Acts of Nature
  5. Sickness and Illnesses


    Within a Hospital as "inpatient" beginning on the first day of confinement up to a maximum of 10 days per month.

    In case of inpatient hospitalization, the insured will receive a Hospital Cash Benefit of ₱500.00 per day.

    The confinement/admission of the insured individual in a hospital for a continuous number of hours for which the Hospital has charged a full daily room and board fee.

    The insured will receive a Hospital Cash Benefit of ₱500.00 per day, (maximum of 10-days per month). The monthly insurance premium will be added on top of your monthly post-paid or credit card bill.


      Cited below are the common cases covered by BIMA Hospital Cash.

      1. Daily Hospital Income Benefit is not applicable for planned/expected medical treatment or tests; treatment or surgical procedure for Congenital Anomalies; loss caused by pre-existing condition, maternity and complications related to it.
      2. Treatment and complications related to STD’s, HIV and AIDS.
      3. Any claim caused directly or indirectly by the use of alcohol/prohibited drugs/drug or medicine not prescribed by a Physician.
      4. Self-inflicted injuries; suicide.
      5. Any treatment of mental and nervous disorders.
      6. Any treatment for obesity, weight reduction or weight improvement.
      7. Any experimental procedures or procedures that are not accepted as standard medical procedures.
      8. Cosmetic or plastic surgery, any dental work, treatment or surgery, eye or ear examination, except to the extent that any of them is necessary for the repair or alleviation of damage to the Insured Individual caused solely by accident.
      9. Any claim as a result of extreme or dangerous activities/sports or any other hazardous activities.
      10. Performing duty as member of Armed Forces/Security Services.
      11. As a result of radioactive/chemical/biological contamination, war/invasion and any act of terrorism.

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