Insured: Armando Guanga

Location: Koronadal City
Date Approved: October 11, 2020

"You ensure positive customer experience and an easy claims process and bring affordable and easy-to-use insurance products not only for me but also to other Filipinos. Thank You.”

- Janry Guanga (Son)

Insured: Eleonor Vargas

Location: Makati City
Date Approved: May 2, 2021

“I am Ma.Theresa Agascon, my sister is insured in Bima Philipoines. I was thankful and happy at the same for the benefits I've got for this insurance. Sa totoo lang nung una akala ko biro lang at di totoo pero nakuha ko talaga ang claim nang sister ko. Laking tulong talaga to sa amin kasi sa pandemya ngayun at i know happy na din sister ko. Sabi ko nga masakit na ang kapalit ay buhay nya pero ginawa nya lang din na di na ako mahirapan kasi alam nyang ako talaga ang lapitan nila ni mama nung buhay pa cla. Salamat BIMA di ko talaga expected to, mabuhay kayo.”

– Ma. Theresa Agascon (Sister)

Insured: Ervinio Baluyot

Location: Roxas City
Date Approved: May 12, 2021

“I really have a great time with the BIMA Philippines. The instructions for every process was smooth and clear. The representative has a great character and accommodation skills. The process for the claim did not take long as we passed all the needed requirements on hand. Even the information are clear and well-presented. Thank you for your service and God bless!”

– Yunis Baluyot (Daughter)

Insured: Jun Francis Macairan

Location: Las Piñas City
Date Approved: June 2, 2021

“Thank you. BIMA's Team. You had shown great compassion, being  proactive and quick response lessen all  the stress for bereaved family. An honest, credible and transparent insurance company we can rely on.”

– Maria Herlyn Macairan (Wife)

Insured: Rex Rabulan

Location: Laguna
Date Approved: August 13, 2021

“Thank you BIMA Philippines. I received the benefits even if my husband is only insured for 3 months. During this trying times, the amount of money that I have received is such a big help in our finances. More power to you and God Bless us all.”

– Joanne Marie Rabulan (Wife)